My Favorite Things


My favorite book is titled Grant Hill.

This is a book on the life of my role model Grant Hill. My favorite actor is Will Smith.

Will Smith has the ability to make you laugh and make you cry. My favorite actress is Rigina King.

Regina King is very funny and is great at playing multipal charcters in cartoons. My favorite is HipHop and R&B.

I like to make music and to be good at my gift I to keep up with todays hot. My favorite athlete is Grant Hill.

My role model. Plays in the NBA and is very talented. Got a great deal of heat. My favorite food is Mac and cheese.

The meal that makes me want more. Great taste. My favorite movie Paid In Full.

A movie that relates to the life I live and shows possible outcomes. My favorite car is the Aston Martin.

Million dollar car. Could never go wrong with one. My favorite colors are red, blue, and purple.

Colors that I use often when I have a option. My favorite tv show is Sports Center.

Trains me for a creear i will have in the future. My favorite pet is my Pit bulls.

The dog that is tuff and protective. My favorite place on earth is HUSTLE AVE!!!!

The bith place of PRINCE ZAYA.
© Isaiah Stewart 2009